The school uniform is compulsory. Students who do not wear the proper uniform will be refused admission to class.

  • For daily wear during school hours:

Classes (Nursery to KG II) (Monday to Saturday)

Boys: Pink Shirt, Black checked Pant

Girls: Pink Shirt, Black checked skirt with galis.

Classes (I to Higher Level) (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Boys: White Shirt, dark grey trousers, school tie, school belt, black shoes with laces and

white socks.

Girls: White shirt, dark grey skirt (below the knees), school tie school belt, black shoes

with buckle, black stockings (knees length), black nylon hair band, black ribbons (two),

grey/black tights (cycle shorts).

  • On Wednesday and Saturday for Class I to XII:

Boys: Navy Blue lower, house colour T-shirts, white canvas shoes, and white socks.

Girls: Navy blue lower, house colour T-shirts, white canvas shoes, and white socks.

During Winter: Nursery to K.G. II – Black sweater with mono and Gray Cap

        I to V: Gray sweater with mono and Gray cap

        VI to XII: Gray blazer and gray cap

  1. Students not wearing the proper prescribed uniform will be given remarks in the school diary. If this happens three times, strict action will be taken and the student’s parents may be asked to meet the principal.
  2. Students should be always clean and neatly dressed. Their hair must be trimmed and properly combed. No highlighting of hair and fancy haircut. Parents will be called if haircut is not proper and a pink card will be issued. The uniform and blazer used for winter months should be of colour and pattern as adopted by the school. No other colour or pattern will be allowed.
  3. Girls are allowed to use studs or small earrings and they are not allowed to use rings. Bangles, nail polish, payals, chain, bindi, mehendi, and lockets, on a chain to be worn under the tunic. Girls with long hair should make two plaits with centre parting. Girls are not allowed to put fancy hairpins or make puffs in school.
  4. Senior boys have to shave and come to school, or else they will be sent home and parents will be called.
  5. Students will not be permitted to enter the school campus and the classroom in coloured clothes during the PTM and Open House.
  6. Senior students (Class VI to XII) should not wear colour dresses on their birthday. They should wear the school uniform.