A word to the Students

Dear Students,  
Welcome to LCIT Public School. The School is our home too. We assure you of good teaching and learning process. Enjoy yourself while you are here. Please take care of the following.

Do’s for the pupils

1. Be diligent and punctual to the class.
2. Come to your class in school uniform, maintain perfect silence.
3. Wear Clean, ironed uniform and polished shoes.
4. Keep your nails trimmed, hair combed and teeth clean.
5. Do your homework daily and update notes on time.
6. Bring this almanac to the school every day.
7. Obey your parents, elders and teachers.
8. Leave the school only after the last bell goes, or with due permission of the principal.
9. Be friendly with everyone.
10. Cultivate pleasant personal manners and good office manners.
11. Attend all special classes.
12. Speak only in English at school.
13. Be inside the campus at least 15 minutes before the first bell.
14. Should bring books as per the time table.
15. Maintain silence within and outside the classroom, in the school premises.
16. While going from classrooms to the library, labs, playground, and computer lab etc. and vice versa, must form a queue and go quickly so as not cause disturbance to others.
17. You are responsible for the things you bring to the school.
18. You are advised not to litter classrooms but use the dust bins that are provided in each classroom.
19. Boys should regularly trim their beard.

Don’ts for the pupils

1. Don’t come late to school.
2. Don’t leave the school campus without permission.
3. Don’t be absent from the class without intimation.
4. Don’t go out of the school in recess/break.
5. Don’t tell lies or abuse anybody.
6. Don’t break the rule of language.
7. Don’t run about into the school corridors and quadrangles.
8. Don’t spoil school furniture, walls, trees, plants, etc.
9. Don’t take other’s property (things) without permission.
10. Don’t bring or wear valuables to the school.
11. Don’t buy eatables from outside vendors.
12. Don’t bring excessive money than required.
13. Don’t ride two-wheelers or bike to the school.
14. Don’t involve yourself in social media or post anything related to school in and out.
15. Don’t apply henna on your palm and hand.
16. Don’t put on tattoos.
17. Don’t wear make-up (koel, lip gloss) to school.
18. Don’t wear rings and bracelets.
19. Don’t make noise in the class.

Leave Rules

1. Leave will not be granted unless a written application is submitted by the Parent/ Guardian to the
Principal/ Class teacher.
2. “Sick Leave Letter” should be submitted along with the Medical Certificate.
3. The student’s name will be struck off the rolls if he/she remains absent without intimation for more
than 15 consecutive days.
4. Attendance on the reopening day after every vacation is compulsory.
Leave will not be granted to the students during class tests & terminal examinations.
5. Students with less than 75% of attendance will not be promoted to the next class.
6. A letter seeking permission must be submitted to the class teacher when the child does not wear
7. Permission slips available in the office must be filled and submitted to the Principal in case the ward
has to be taken home during class hours.

For the Parents

General “The best gift a parent can give his child is education”   I. Do not try to contact the students & teachers during school hours. 2. The personal Data Forms, provided in the diary must be filled by the parents and submitted to the class the teacher before 30th June. 3. Encourage your ward to participate in various extracurricular activities conducted in the school. 4. Send nutritious breakfast along with napkin and spoon for the child. 5. All the items that your child carries to school should be clearly labeled.   Academics  “Parents must set a good example for children”   1. Prepare the ward for the class tests which are conducted before the exams. 2. Do not encourage tuitions for children. 3. Read notes or remarks written in the school diary by the teachers and duly sign it. 4. Check your ward’s written work, classwork, homework diary regularly and maintain it properly. 5. Weightage will be given on spellings in all subjects. A margin of marks will be allotted for good handwriting & perfect maintenance of classwork notes. 6. Let the ward not get addicted to television. Encourage the child to watch educative and informative programs only. 7. The shlokas and songs taught in the school must be practiced at home so that the students enjoy and team them perfectly. 8. An, insight into a child’s behavior will be dealt with individually by a professional counselor for the students of the school as and when required during the academic year. 9. Workshops and orientation programs for teachers and tips on “wise parenting” for parents will be conducted during the academic year with prior notice/ information to the concerned. 10. There will be no change in the date of exams unless under special circumstances. 11. Parents must take an active interest in the child’s progress in studies throughout the academic year and not merely before the final exams. 12. Attendance during class tests and practicals for classes IX to XII is compulsory.

School Uniform

The school uniform is compulsory. Students who do not wear the proper uniform will be refused admission to class. (1) For daily wear during school hours: Classes (Nursery to KGII) (Monday to Saturday) Classes(I to Senior Secondary Level) (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) Boys: White shirt, dark grey trousers, school tie, school belt, black shoes with laces and white socks. Girls: White shirt, dark grey skirt (below the knees), school tie school belt, black shoes with buckle, black stockings (knee length), black nylon hair band, black ribbons (two), grey/black tights (cycle shorts). (2) On Wednesday and Saturday for class I to Sr. Secondary level: Boys: Navy blue lower, house colour T-shirts, white canvas shoes and white socks. Girls: Navy blue lower, house colour T-shirts, white canvas shoes and white socks. (3) Students not wearing the proper prescribed uniform will be given remarks in the school diary. If this happens three times, strict action will be taken and the student’s parents may be asked to meet the Principal. (4) Students should be always clean and neatly dressed. Their hair must be trimmed and properly combed. No high-lighting of hair and fancy hair cut. Parents will be called if hair cut is not proper and a pink card will be issued. The uniform and blazer used for winter months should be of colour and pattern as adopted by the school. No other colour and pattern will be allowed. (5) Girls are allowed to use studs or small earings and they are not allowed to use rings, bangles, nail polish, payals, chains, bindi, mehendi lockets on a chain so he worn under the tunic. Girls with long hair should make two plaits in the form of “Jhula’. Girls are not allowed to put fancy hairpins or make puff in school. (6) Senior boys are to shave und come to school, or else they will be sent home and parent will be called. (7) Students will not be permitted to enter the school campus and the classroom in coloured clothes during the PTM and Open House. (8) Seniors students (classes VI to XII) should not wear color dress on their birthday. They should wear the school uniform.