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Chairman's Desk

I take immense pleasure in welcoming you to LCIT Public School, Bilaspur a highly progressive and enterprising school pledged to providing quality education with great emphasis on inculcating values. Besides academic excellence, the School is committed to instill in all its students, strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect towards all. I firmly believe that education should foster confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision-making ability to set and achieve goals, and above all, social responsibility as a life-long process.
LCIT Public School, Bilaspur takes pride in providing a caring atmosphere to all its students just apt for the young minds to be nurtured. It aims to develop scholarly students with great self-discipline, intense perseverance and a zeal to excel which are the qualities required to meet the challenges of the modern society. The school seeks your utmost co-operation and support at all times to achieve the high standards set.I welcome parents and students to be a part of LCIT Public School family to share common ideals and aspirations as we build through a challenging and enriching educational experience for our students.
Shri. Pramod Jain
LCIT Public School

Vice Chairman's Desk

I welcome you to LCIT Public School. We are committed to providie a comprehensive education which seeks to develop the students into academically proficient, morally upright and socially well integrated individuals. It is our aim and desire that students conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. They should be torch bearers of Indian culture and Heritage and simultaneously be equipped to become global citizens with the modern and scientific temperament and be recognized as students of excellent character who make a valuable contribution to the society.
Snapster (93)
Shri. Ankit Jain
Vice Chairman
LCIT Group of Institutions

Principal's Desk

“What a caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly” –

Lao Tzu

Covid 19 is one of the worst pandemics which affected the planet earth in the past one hundred years. Like any other pandemic, the devastation created by it is so large and the loss of lives of millions of people is irreversible. Lives have been affected in all spheres be it in economic front, international trade and travel or jobs to millions of people.

The sector of education has been hard hit all around the world putting millions of children in jeopardy. The online teaching and learning became the order of the day and more than ever before the technology is put to use its maximum for this purpose. Over the period, all stakeholders have realized that the classroom teaching and learning cannot be replaced with the online learning.  The mental, physical and psychological development of children has been affected severely in the cloistered environment of home and in the absence of friends and classrooms. Millions of children who do not have access to technology were groping in darkness for real time learning. Life never comes to an end with a devastating pandemic but moves on with new energy. In the third wave of the pandemic, people are able to live without fear and trepidation only because there is proper awareness about the pandemic and sufficient knowledge imparted by the concerned authority to face it.

         In this testing time the family of LCIT is with those children who have lost their beloved ones to covid. We extend our full support physically and emotionally to those who are affected. Time heals everything and this time also will pass away. It is very important to stay focused and remain sincere in academics till everything is normalized. Overuse of electronic gadgets for gaming and social networking should be avoided and parents need to monitor children that they are always on the right track. Online tests have to be given sincerely under the monitor ship of parents or guardian which will be a litmus test for honesty and character of a child. Practice personal hygiene, frequent washing of hands and use of masks in crowed places and while travelling. It will ensure safety for the remaining time. Waiting eagerly to see you all in the campus of LCIT buzzing with energy and life.

Sebastian Joseph


LCIT Public School