Annual Report


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. With every day, multiple events occur and just as many opportunities to shine breakthrough.
This pandemic year which has tested us all, together with the new era of Online classes we are fighting the pandemic and keeping the spirit alive. With another year nearly to an end and another day that students of our school look forward to every year, I welcome you all to the LCIT Public School Annual Report.
Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. We LCITians practice the philosophy of continuous improvement and strive to get a little better every single day. This Annual School Report speaks about the effervescent and epic fiesta of jewel and a humble and modest flight of our young LCITians. It reveals their wondrous talent before you. Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping and nurturing the young minds. Our institution has a strong team of 89 trained teachers and 22 supporting staff. They are not only big in number but are big in their potential, extremely dedicated and always aim at giving their best.
So, to keep them updated and enhance their teaching and learning techniques, many workshops were held: To tackle the current situation and to be prepared our teachers have attended the webinar on 02.07.2020 on the topic “E-wistalk-Evolution in teaching and learning post Covid-19”. Along with it many more webinar was attained by our teachers to make sure that they deliver the same quality of learning through online as well:
Teacher's Name Webinar Topic Date
Tanuja Nayak Values Education - Integrating Values in the curriculum 21/08/2020
Tanuja Nayak Developing communication skills that make teachers more effective 27/08/2020
Vivek Sinha CBSE Teaching strategies and methodology in social science 20/08/2020
Vivek Sinha IQAC Local and Global challenges and New Education Policy 06/09/2020
Vivek Sinha Ram temple construction: Supreme Court decision and historical perspective 01/08/2020
Shikha Batra Digital Learning and Management 21/08/2020
Shikha Batra Enhancing life skills Decision Making 27/08/2020
Manoj Kumar Sharma 30-30 stem (200 activities For science, Math and HOTS) Developed by CCL Gandhinagar 16/08/2020
Manoj Kumar Sharma ICT- integration in teaching of Mathematics Organized by CBSE, COE Dehradun 28/08/2020
Manoj Kumar Sharma Mathematics Webinar organized by Ratnasagar Publication 17/08/2020
Sneha Virwani Strategies for a Happy classroom 24/08/2020
Ankita Acharya Biswas Time Management 29/08/2020
Dola Mukherjee Online assessment on Social science 14/08/2020
Gita Giri Goswami Classroom Management 28/08/2020
Ankita Singh Common errors in Accountancy 25/08/2020
Seema Mishra National Education Policy 2020 30/08/2020
Seema Mishra Internal Assessment and activities 09/08/2020
Seema Mishra Inter relation between sports and literature 16/08/2020
Seema Mishra Will new education system help hindi medium schooling? 16/08/2020
Seema Mishra Meaning of woment empowerment 25/08/2020
Nitesh kumar Dron Understanding classroom management & it's components by CBSE 19/08/2020
Atiya Raza CBSE training session on Stress Management by CEO Dehradun 27/08/2020
Anjali Gupta Innovative Mathematics pedagogy 22/08/2020
Anjali Gupta Teaching Mathematics at secondary level through math lab activities 29/08/2020
Anjali Gupta Challenges and opportunities of higher education in present scenario 29/08/2020
Ritu Singh Wellbeing of students during COVID-19 14/08/2020
Dr.Anshu Bhandari Project Work/Practical Work/Case Studies in Business Studies 25/08/2020
Priya Dutta Happy classroom strategies for Happy classroom 28/08/2020
Richa Sharma Integration of ICT in chemistry, CBSE centre of excellence 28/08/2020
We have committed, proactive teachers and dedicated support staff working to help each child to reach their potential. Our staff have high expectations and adopt a wide variety of innovative teaching practices and helped our students to showcase their talent in national level Olympiad and received 62 Gold, 51 Sliver and 42 Bronze medals.
With this I seek God’s blessings for each one of us, to keep accomplishing new heights of success.
I end my report with these famous lines by John Dewey, “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.”
Thank You!!