Given below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about us.

1. How is The LCIT Public School, Bilaspur different from other schools?
Over the last 11 years LCIT has been known for its excellence in education. Its focus is on high quality teaching and learning, a broad and rich curriculum including diverse extra-curricular opportunities and a supportive guidance programme. We promote tolerance, mutual respect and valuing others’ views, even when different, or rather particularly when different from one’s own.  The LCIT Public School is part of LCIT and follows the same pattern.

2. What curriculum does the school follow?
We follow the Curriculum which is affiated to CBSE.

3. What are the timings for the school?
Play School to
KG-II : 08:45 am – 12:30 pm 
Class I to VI : 07:30am – 01.40 pm 

4. Does the school have boarding (residential) facilities?
Yes, The LCIT Public School has Hostel Facilities for boys & girls from class VI to class XII.

5. Do I need an appointment to visit The LCIT Public School?
Yes, in order to make your visit informative and useful, please fix an appointment via email (school@lcit.edu.in) or Phone call. 9589000465/9516606123.

Note : Parents visiting hours 2.00pm - 3.00pm.

6. When should I submit an application for admission?
The Admissions Office starts accepting applications from 1 January every year for admission into the academic year begins from 1st April 2020. We accept applications at other times if a place is available.

7. Is there a policy for offering admissions to siblings of students in school?
We give preference to siblings of students already in the school in that siblings automatically move to the top of their respective category in the waiting list.

8. How should my child's confidential recommendations be submitted?
Confidential recommendations are school-to-school documents and must arrive at the Admissions Office directly from either the teacher or the school of the applicant. Confidential recommendations may be sent via email, fax, or post in a sealed/stamped envelope. Obtaining the confidential recommendations is the responsibility of the parents, even during the holidays.

9. How will I pay the registration fees?
You may pay the registration fees by a cash, cheque favouring “LCIT Public School” or via a bank transfer.

10. What are the next steps once the application is submitted?
Once an application is complete (all required documents have been submitted and appropriate fee payments have been made) the applicant’s name will be put on through to admission department and will provide syllabus for the admission test.

11. Are the Cost of Registration and the Registration Charge refundable?

12. When do I have to pay the school tuition fees?
When the school makes the offer of admission, the fees for students are to be paid within 10 working days of the date.

13. Can my child join school late as long I have paid the fees?
No, new students must be in school physically after the offer of class. Exceptions will be made only after prior approval from the relevant Principal. If we do not hear from the parents in a week’s time, the offer of admission will be void and the seat will be forfeited

14. Is it possible to sit in a classroom or meet with a teacher, counsellor or the principal while visiting the school?
Due to the high number of applicants each year and to ensure that services to our current students do not suffer, applicants may not sit in a class (although classrooms are visited during a school tour) and the Admissions Office will check if the Secondary staff are available. If there are any questions which the Admissions Office is unable to answer, then correct information will be sent to you later and the same office may organise a meeting with teachers/curriculum leaders at a later stage if still required.

15. Is there a school uniform?
Yes, we have school uniforms for students from Nursery to XII. There are separate winter and summer uniforms. Dress code of grey & white. The school has a facilities for uniform where you can order at reception from 8 am to 3 pm.

16. Does the school have provision for hot meals and snacks for the students? 
Yes we offer a hot meal plan for students. It is an optional service available to students from Year 1 to Year 13. The school also has a snack shop which sells freshly prepared snacks and a tuck shop which sells packaged drinks and snacks.

17. Does the school have buses & vans for students?
The school has buses & Wingers which currently service all areas of Bilaspur and nearby.

18. What are the plans for the new school building and facilities?
Over the next few years we will be redeveloping our campus to provide a state-of-the-art school with facilities suitable for 21st century learning.

19. What is the school’s policy for refunds of fees if a child is leaving the school?
If a child is leaving school, a written notice must be given to the Admissions Office before specific dates for every term.

20. What is the age criterion for admissions?
The LCIT Public School has an age policy which it follows diligently for all admission applications. Nursery is our first year group and we accept students from the age of 2.5 years plus.

21. Can I register online?
Yes, But all forms need to be signed and submitted to the school in person , or by courier or via email (scanned copies). 

22. Do you accept student applicants from other educational systems?
Yes, students from different educational systems are welcome to apply as long as they fulfil all the admissions criteria. They will be placed in our year groups according to our age policy.